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A study in the USA has revealed that, over 21 million people are victims of hair loss! Some of the contributory factor to this are; stress, childbirth, hormonal and thyroid issues, just to mention a few. Scalp micropigmentation has aided many of these people regain their lost self-esteem. This is simply by replicating hair follicles and creating the appearance of thicker hair. A permanent solution for hair loss and baldness is scalp micropigmentation. This is a non-surgical office based procedure. It is a cutting-edge invention that is non-invasive and makes use of sophisticated micro needles that inject pigment into the scalp. It requires no invasive surgery, no down time, and no scarring involved.

Scalp micropigmentation is quickly becoming a popular treatment for the loss of hair in men and women alike. Scalp micropigmentation is applicable to all stages and types of hair loss, colors ages, and skin types. The treatment application is applied to bald and thinning areas, most times over 2 or 3 sessions.Scars on the head can also be concealed or camouflaged by this technique. The procedure works for different conditions and types of hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation can be useful in many areas, such as; concealing, receding hairline, crown balding, alopecia, near or complete hair loss. It can also help in concealing or fully camouflage scars, and birthmarks. It is very effective for the thinning hair. It can restore hairlines on partly bald or fully bald heads. SMP can also help in simulating a full front, side and rear hairline and give you a full, youthful head that you so desire.