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Permanent makeup is a non-surgical implantation of pigment onto the dermis of the skin. Drops of custom-blended colors are used to enhance facial features such as eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, and lips, or to blur lines, wrinkles, and scars.

We use professional-grade iron oxide-based pigments. These pigments have a softer color and fade quicker than traditional carbon-based ink. It is possible for the pigment to fade over time. Some clients get their pigment touched up after a year, while others may not need a touch up after several years. Lighter pigments fade quicker than darker colors. Age, lifestyle, sun exposure, and skincare products can contribute to the fading.

We use popular numbing creams and gels to ensure ultimate comfort for our clients. It is normal for our clients to feel slight pressure and vibration from the micropigmentation pen.

There is no recovery-period post-procedure. You can return to your daily routine the same day if you wish. Permanent makeup does look the most intense for the first 5-7 days post-procedure. Lip procedures can also cause mild-to-moderate swelling for 1-2 days post-procedure.

You should keep the area clean and diligently apply the after-care cream for the next few days. Lip procedures also require application of a cold-pack for the first day or two.

You can ensure optimal appearance of permanent makeup by limiting sun exposure, diligently applying sunscreen. It is also recommended to eliminate usage of Retin-A or similar retinol products from your skincare routine on areas where the pigment was applied. Annual touch-up visits are recommended to keep your permanent makeup looking how you want it to look.

  • people with diabetes,
  • people with any kind of skin disease (seborrheic dermatitis) in the eyebrow area,
  • women in the late months of pregnancy
  • people with allergies get a prior allergy testing performed
  • people who are not sure whether they really want the treatment

Hypoallergenic pigments do not contains any FD&C or D&C dyes nor heavy metals (do not contain chromium (III) oxide). The pigments have a certificate of sterility and meet all EU standards regarding safety of use, as well as medicinal use. They are suitable for sensitive skin and long lasting too.
Working conditions are 100 % sterile.
Strict hygienic conditions are enforced.

Your hairs are not plucked or shaved. We only pluck those natural hairs which are outside the desired eyebrow outline (shaping is no longer necessary). After the treatment pluck only those hairs that grow outside the eyebrow outline. Of course, it is not necessary to pay attention to the shape, as it is outlined and permanent.

The determination of shape is purely subjective. The shape of the eyebrows is chosen together with the client – thick, thin, raised, expressive, etc.
According to the physiognomy of your face we will advise you on shape and possibility of application. We jointly decide on the most suitable shape for you.
Symmetry is determined by measuring several features of your face. It can also be done digitally. The symmetry measurement is performed while your face is totally relaxed and still, with your eyes closed.
Over two hundred facial muscles determine our facial expression, so when determining the symmetry it is important they are relaxed, for in this state there is no deviation in length and height.
Preliminary treatment, together with symmetry determination, is crucial for the subsequent perfect treatment.

The natural hairs do NOT get damaged. We draw between the hairs and thus there is no effect on the further growth of natural hairs.

The procedure is only slightly painful and the customers compare it to eyebrow plucking. In case you are very sensitive, we use cream (anesthetic) and provide full comfort during the procedure. After the treatment there is no swelling or redness. Redness, which in rare cases nevertheless occurs, disappears in 15 minutes.

The Microblading procedure lasts for 1 hour. The majority of time is dedicated to consultations on wishes and to situation assessment. The detailed sketching follows until the customer is 100% satisfied. After that we match the colour of the pigment with your hair colour and skin tone.
When we agree on everything we initiate hair stroking until the perfect look is achieved.

It is a type of semi-permanent make-up, but the procedure is completely different and its result is distinct from the results of permanent pigmentation. We use the procedure to create a perfectly natural look and thus distance ourselves from traditional methods of so-called “permanent pigmentation.”
It should be stressed that our method doesn’t involve plucking of the hairs – rather, these are drawn one by one until we achieve a perfect and 100% natural look of your eyebrows.


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