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The final procedure to making your breast reconstruction complete is the Nipple & Areola Reconstruction (NAR) correction. This is done mostly after a mastectomy, creating the nipple areola. While many patients are not comfortable with the aftermath of their breast surgery, some patients are content with the success of the surgery. Others prefer the non-surgical option of medical tattooing. This is the process of using color pigmentation in stimulating the nipple areola. This produces outstanding results. After a long journey in the construction of a new breast, the reconstruction of the nipple areola helps to add finishing touches to the breast.

The NAR correction can be done after optimal symmetry has been achieved between the breasts. This is done by drawing the new areola shape. Since many do not need to work on the two areolas, there are certain factors to be considered. Some of the factors to be considered during the reconstruction include; color, scope of work needed and the type of scarring.

For women with fading or irregular areolas, or women who have undergone mastectomies, or other breast surgery, the application of these permanent restoration of breast procedure can be termed a medical miracle. The techniques employed in the permanent areola reconstruction and nipple restoration are the cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation. This is a great way to restore the natural look and beauty of your breasts. This will definitely help you in regaining the confidence embedded in your own femininity.

Areola Restoration technique is a very advanced permanent makeup procedure. It works by correcting the size, color, and the shape of the nipple. This is a procedure that is considered the last step after a major breast related surgery. Surgeries such as, mastectomies, breast reduction, breast implants, and breast reconstruction. Most of these procedures often times result in the imperfections in the area or sometimes the complete removal of the nipple.

This procedure helps in recreating the perfectly symmetrical and naturally colored nipples. It helps women, and men retain their choice of size, shape, and color of the areola. In case of the complete removal of the nipples through surgery, this procedure also can be of help. The techniques applied in doing this is the use of tints and pigments in creating an illusion of nipple protrusion. A realistic areola on a breast mound that does not require additional surgery is also used. A closer color can be achieved through a grafted areola, creating symmetry, and the circular scar is diffused. Patients having fading or irregular areolas can also benefit from this procedure. Men can also benefit from this procedure. Men who wish to improve on the appearance of their areolas due to fading, or to increase their size.

There are specific steps to be taken for a week after the completion of each areola tattooing session. You might have to take time off from work. It is important for you to keep your recovery period in mind while scheduling your appointments around work.